How come sheeptex being a professional wool seat cover manufacturer?

wool seat covers

    Experienced sheepskin or wool car seat cover manufacturer in China.

Sheeptex is one of the professional sheepksin seat cover manufacturers and wool seat cover manufacturers. This wool seat cover manufacturer makes many differenti quality of sheepskin auto seat covers and wool car seat covers. As one of the professional wool seat cover manufacturers, Sheeptex always take strict production quality standard in making wool car seat covers and sheepskin car seat covers which make sure customers gets the top quality they paid for. Sheeptex made and developped a lot sery of the sizes and models of wool seat covers and sheepskin seat covers which works with various brands of cars, autos, truck even motocycles seats. As an experienced sheepskin seat cover manufacturer, Sheeptex manufactures two kind of quality of car seat covers. One is the real sheepskin car seat cover, and the other one is merino wool car seat cover. Due to high cost of sheepskin material cost, a kind of wool pile fabric which is knitted of merino wool fiber are widely used in seat cover production. This merino wool seat cover has the same quality ahnd feeling as the real sheepskin car seat cover.merino wool seat covers

Sheeptex could custom make the merino wool seat cover and sheepskin seat cover as per customer’s spec requirements. The merino wool fiber could by be dyed in various colors to make colored assortments of wool seat covers. As a professional sheepskin seat cover manufacturer and wool seat cover manufacturer, Sheeptex produce all kinds of merino wool cover accessories for auto cars. Besides the merino wool seat covers for autos and cars, Sheeptex also makes a lot of merino wool seat covers for home furniture and house hold items.sheepskin seat covers

Professional sheepskin rug manufacturers and wool rug manufacturers.

Sheeptex has a long history in making merino wool rugs and sheepskin rugs. They have been engaged in the sheepskin rugs and wool rugs production over 15 years. As one of the experienced sheepskin rug manfacturers and wool rug manufacturers, Sheeptex produce the merino wool rugs or sheepskin rugs in various qualities. Sheeptex could custom make the sheepskin rugs and merino wool rugs as per customer requirements.If cusomters need to make their own wool rugs as their spec such like designated wool content, designated wool rug size, designated rug colors and etc. Now more and more merino wool rugs are chosen instead of the sheepskin rugs due to raw material restriction. Sheeptex has the professional advanced merino wool rug making machine equipments which could make the wool rugs in standard quality and big production capacity. Besides the professional wool rug machines, Sheeptex also has a strong team in making and developping the merino wool rugs. The sheepskin rugs or suede merino wool rugs made by Sheeptex could be put on floor, ground,chairs,bed,sofa and etc.

Besides of being one of the experienced sheepskin rug manufacturers and wool rug manufacturers, Sheeptex also is a big wool rug supplier who supplies all kinds of merino wool rugs and sheepskin rugs. If you want to buy the sheepskin rugs or wool rugs for resale , Just contact Sheeptex for a catalogue and photo broture. Sheeptex is one of the largest sheepskin rug suppliers and wool rug suppliers who provides a big collection of fashionable sheepskin rugs designs or wool rug designs. They could dye the merino wool rugs into different colors as per customer required design. wool rug manufacturer

      Easy order procedures with Sheeptex.

If you want to work with Sheeptex, the order placing procedure is rather simple and easy. Just follow the the following order steps is ok:

1.Tell Sheeptex what kinds of quality and spec you want to make for the wool seat covers, sheepskin seat covers, wool rugs and sheepskin rugs. If you have orginal sample as quality standard, just give the orginal sample to Sheeptex to check the quality and analize the technique details to copy the similar quality for you.

2. Once the wool seat manufacturer or wool rug manufacturer confirmed that they could make the requested sample quality for you. They will give you a price quote based of the sample quality you provided. And pay terms will be discussed as well between the two parties.

3. After customer get the price quote, customer should evalue the price quote is ok or not. Once customer approve the price quote and payment terms. Then the sheepskin seat cover manufacturers or wool seat cover manufactuers could arrange proto sample set up. The proto sample will be sent to customer for approval once its done.

4. Customer need to check the proto sample and give comments if not satisfied with the quality. And customer could arrange the sheepskin rug manufacturers or wool rug manufacturers make new modified sample again according to customers’comments. After customers finally approved the sample quality, the bulk order could be placed then.

5. Bulk order placed and the wool seat cover manufacturers start the bulk order production.

6. After the bulk order production done. Third party Quality checking could be arranged for quality inspection of the bulk order.

7.After the bulk order production of quality check passed, the sheepskin seat cover manufacturers could arrange the shipping as per customer instructions. The deal is finished then.sheepskin seat cover manufacturer

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