Why sheeptex is a professional wool pile fabric manufacturer?

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Wool pile fabric is now widely used in all industries by replacing the sheepskin fabric. Since the wool pile fabric has the same wool fur fabric surface quality as the sheepskin fabric. Wool pile fabric is widely adapted to use in the shoes, clothing, hometextile and other textile industries. there is only a few wool pile fabric manufacturers or wool pile fleece manufacturers who can make the wool pile fabric in good quality in China. So why Sheeptex is a professional wool pile fabric manufacturer or wool pile fleece manufacturer partner for you?wool pile fabrics

  1. Best quality merino wool raw material. Sheeptex use the best quality merino wool fiber raw material to make the wool pile fabrics and wool pile fleece. All the wool pile fabric raw material that Sheeptex uses is merino wool. Top quality merino wool make sure that wool pile fabric surface effect is the same as the sheepskin fabric quality.wool pile fabric manufacturers

2.Sheeptex has mature wool pile fabric production technology and long history wool pile fabric making history.

As a professional wool pile fabric manufacturer, Sheeptex has a professional technology team and workers who have been working in wool pile fabric or wool pile fleece fabric over 15 years. They have a lot experience in make different qualities of wool pile fabric or wool pile fleece fabric. Also Sheeptex has all the necessory advanced machine equipment facilities in making wool pile fabrics or wool pile fleece fabrics. Customers could custom make the wool pile fabric or wool pile fleece fabric with this wool pile factory. The wool pile fabric could be made in customer requested color, weight, handfeeling, width and other designated spec. No matter how sophiscated wool pile fabric or wool fleece fabric that customer need to make, this wool pile fabric manufacturer is confident to help customer make it happen.wool pile fleece fabric

3. Sheeptex’s wool pile fabric have many distinguished advantages and function features.

Sheeptex’s wool pile fabric or lambswool fleece could be widely used in various fields such like wool rugs or sheepskin rugs. They also could be used to make sheepskin protectors inlcude sheepskin heel protectors, sheepskin elbow protectors, sheepskin foot protectors, sheepskin ankle protectors, sheepskin leg protectors, sheepskin hand protectors. Sometimes people call the wool protectors we made is lambswool elbow protectors, lambswool foot protector, and lambswool heel pads. Sheeptex’s wool pile fabric also are widely used in Sheepskin shoes, sheepskin slippers, sheepskin gloves & mittens and wool bedding sery.sheepskin heel protectors

4. Sheeptex is a big wool pile fabric supplier who supplies all kinds of wool pile fabrics.

As one of the professional wool pile fabric suppliers, Sheeptex supply the wool pile fabric in various qualites for various industries. If you are working in Sheepskin boots productline, and you need a wool pile supplier or lambswool fleece fabric supplier, Just contact Sheeptex. If you are working in Sheepskin rugs or sheepskin seat covers business, you need a wool pile fabric or wool pile fleece supplier as well, just contact Sheeptex as well. Sheeptex has worked as the wool pile fabric supplier for sheepskin medical supply for over 10 years as well. Sheeptex could custom the wool fleece fabric or wool pile fabric as customer’s request always. If you need a wool pile fabric supplier partner, Just contact Sheeptex.wool fleece fabric for shoes

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