Reasons for Sheeptex being a professional wool mattress topper or pad manufacturer?

wool mattress pad

Wool mattress topper or wool mattress pad are now becoming more and more popular for home bedding room use. People like the wool mattress pads because its super sleeping function ability and its organic feature to the health of the user. The wool mattress cover or wool mattress topper is really hard to make because wool mattress pads has high standard spec requirement for the raw material and production workmanship. That is why the price for wool mattress pads or toppers are so expensive in current market. There is not many retailers who sell wool mattress toppers in the world except some europe home textile dealers who offer such wool mattress toppers or wool mattress covers. And it is hard to find a wool mattress topper manufacturer as well. Sheeptex is a famous wool mattress topper manufacturer who are professional in producing merino wool mattress toppers, wool mattress pads, wool mattress covers and other wool textiles for home. Sheeptex has become famous for wool mattress toppers or wool mattress pads because of the follow reasons.wool mattress pad

  1. This wool mattress topper manufacturer who use the top grade merino wool raw material.

As one of the professional merino wool mattress topper manufacturers in China, Sheeptex use the top grade of merino wool raw materials. All the merino wool raw material are from green farms of Autralia and New zealands. As we all know the world best merino wool orgin is Australia. Sheeptex imports huge quanitity of merino wool fiber raw material from Australia merino farms and New zealand farms. The top grade quality of the merino wool raw material can make sure the wool mattress topper,wool mattress cover and wool mattress pad in the top grade quality as well. As an professional wool mattress pad manufacturer, Sheeptex works only with qualified merino wool raw materials wich RWS certificate and Woolmark certificates. All the wool mattress covers are made in high quality stardard by this sustainable merino wool manufacturer.

wool mattress toppersmerino wool raw material

2,Professional wool mattress cover or wool mattress pad making machines and equipments.

Sheeptex has full sets of merino wool yarn spinning machines, wool fiber dyeing machines, wool yarn dyeing machines, wool fabric knitted machines, wool fabric weaving machine and professional wool bed topper fabric finshing machines. To make nice quality wool mattress toppers or wool mattress covers, The wool mattress pad manufacturer must be with equiped with full set of textile production machins and equipments. Since making the merino wool mattress topper is a rather complicated production process, many production technology machines and procedures are involved. Full sets of advanced merino wool mattres topper production machines are key important to the success of merino wool mattress pad production.

wool mattress topper factory

Besides of the advanced merino wool yarn spinning machines, dyeing machines, fabric knitting machines, Sheeptex is famous for their wool bed topper fabric finishing production workmanship. They has professional wool bed topper fabric brushing and size fixing machine equipments which designed specially for wool bed topper making. With such wool bed pad fabric finishing machine equippments, Sheeptex could make the merino wool bed fabric or merino wool mattress topper fabric in maximum width of 85 inch(210cm). In china, Only Sheeptex has such big size wool textile making machine and technology in making such big width wool mattress toppers,wool mattress pads,and wool mattress covers.wool mattress pad fabric finishing

3, professional sales team and strong innovation & developpment team.

As one of the merino wool mattress cover manufacturers, Sheeptex has a professional sales team who could help customer to custom make their merino wool mattress covers in the right quality spec as they want. Many wool bed textile customers have different color requiremnt as well as different wool fiber finess. Just tell the sales team of Sheeptex what you want to make, the merino wool mattress topper manufacturer will then give you some recommendations and advices to help you make the most rational choice of your wool mattress pads. Even the price issue, if you have problem with cost of the wool mattress topper you want to order, Sheeptex will figure out a way like changing the wool raw material or wool topper fabric weight to make your target price happen with your planed order. as an experienced wool mattress topper manufacturer, Sheeptex’s sale team is very professional in price quote, sample making, bulk order production quality control and shipping arrangement. Besides the skilled sales team, Sheeptex also has a strong innovation & developpment teams. This wool mattress topper factory has over 20 people in wool mattress topper designing and developpment. Each season, Sheeptex will come up with new quality wool mattress pads, wool mattress covers,wool mattress toppers and other wool bed pads in the latest fashion.wool bed pads

Sheeptex’s wool mattress topper’s high quality performance feature.

• Temperature Regulation: Getting rid of sleep disturbances caused by temperature fluctuations. Sheeptex’s merino wool mattress Topper could regulate the temprature aumatically due to wool fiber’s natural ability. And the wool fiber could absorb the humidity and wick out automatically.

• Forever Comfort:  Sheeptex’s merino wool mattress pads have super insulating properties that adapt to people’s body requirements. This wool mattress pads could help you feel cool in summer and warm in the winter.

• Mental Pressure Relief: The plush resilience of wool cradles your body, alleviating pressure points of your body and mental brain which will help to get proper spinal alignment. Mental pressure relief happens a lot while people is sleeping on the merino wool mattress covers.

• Silent Serenity: Merino wool fibers provides a silent reaction when you are sleeping on. The merino wool mattress toppers get rid of most of the noises from the space arround.

Easy Care: As a famous merino wool mattress topper supplier, The wool mattress pads made by Sheeptex could be easily washed by machine under a low temperature degree. Machine washable is the typical advantage of their wool mattress pads and covers.wool bed pads

Sheeptex provides merino wool mattress topper wholesale services.

Besides the custom wool mattress topper order production, Sheeptex also provides wool mattress topper or wool mattress pad wholesale service. As one of the professional merino wool mattress topper suppliers, Sheeptex keeps a lot of wool mattress topper fleece fabric in blank stock. If customer need to buy wool mattress cover in ready stock, just contact Sheeptex to send you a catalogue and brochure to choose the right wool mattress designs. In all words, if you want to work with reliable merino wool mattress topper suppliers, just trust that Sheeptex is the best partner choice for you.wool mattress covers

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