How come sheeptex being a professional wool seat cover manufacturer?

wool seat covers

    Experienced sheepskin or wool car seat cover manufacturer in China. Sheeptex is one of the professional sheepksin seat cover manufacturers and wool seat cover manufacturers. This wool seat cover manufacturer makes many differenti quality of sheepskin auto seat covers and wool car seat covers. As one of the professional wool seat cover manufacturers, Sheeptex always […]

Why sheeptex is a professional wool pile fabric manufacturer?

wool mattress pad fabric

Wool pile fabric is now widely used in all industries by replacing the sheepskin fabric. Since the wool pile fabric has the same wool fur fabric surface quality as the sheepskin fabric. Wool pile fabric is widely adapted to use in the shoes, clothing, hometextile and other textile industries. there is only a few wool […]

Reasons for Sheeptex being a professional wool mattress topper or pad manufacturer?

wool mattress pad

Wool mattress topper or wool mattress pad are now becoming more and more popular for home bedding room use. People like the wool mattress pads because its super sleeping function ability and its organic feature to the health of the user. The wool mattress cover or wool mattress topper is really hard to make because […]